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Sep 26, 2010

In this episode we talk with fellow podcaster and author Jeva Singh-Anand about his new book Bedtime Stories for the Faint of Heart. Jeva is the host of the Lance and Graal podcast and Professor Zarnoff’s Channel on YouTube. We also discuss his background as a former Christian Fundamentalist and what happened to cause him to move away from it. I go back to lodge after a year of staying away from it and I share my experiences about that return. We learn about 16th century heresy in this episode’s edition of A Corner in the Occult as we learn about Father Giordano Bruno. I read a single listener message to a nostalgic pagan podcaster music track. I also announce a contest for this episode. We start The Essence of Magick Series by looking into “Belief and Magick.” How much does belief really play into the practice and effect of magick and how does one apply their will to their magick and how do such acts differ from mundane acts which may be of a similar context and nature. We hear a great music track from Tenpenny Joke an Alternative Australian band who may not be a pagan band, but who absolutely rocks none-the-less and we are glad to have them in this episode! To close the show we look into crises of faith, what they are, and why they’re actually beneficial for one’s spiritual growth and a positive sign of one’s dedication to their path. All this and more in this great episode, Blessed Be and 93!

Links: Lance and Graal, Professor Zarnoff, Black Hat Press, Giordano Bruno,, Starsend Radio, WXPN Philadelphia, The Gatherings, Title Goes Here:, Misanthropress, Proud Pagan Podcasters,

Music: George Wood, George Winston, Vince Guaraldi, Alexandre Falcao, Linda Holzer, Persian Paladin,

Promos: Media Astra Ac Terra, Druid Cast, Kakophonos, Standing Stone Garden Gate,

Featured Music: Tenpenny Joke, XTC, REM

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