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Jan 25, 2009

In this introductory episode we introduce the listener to the show by discussing the title and its direction.  We learn about Aleister Crowley in the show segment “A Corner in the Occult”.  Later we address the issues with being an individual and what to avoid if you happen to be one of the cursed. And we finish the show with a look into pantheism. 

Segments:  A Corner in the Occult: Aleister Crowley,  The Curse of Being Weird,  Could I be a Pantheist? 

Music: (in order of being heard)  Proteus by composer George WoodThe Eternal by Lumiloop,  Piano Quartet in g 3rd Movement by Mozart performed by Linda HolzerDrum and Bass by Ted TunesEternal by 1,  Spaces by 3vrn3n, a soundscape project by M. T. Pierce. Music of the lithosphere,  Universe Inside You by Persian Paladin.

Links:  The Pagan Podcast Index, Haunted New Jersey, Deo’s Shadow, World Pantheism, Universal Pantheist Society, The Mindscape of Alan Moore

Credits:  PodsafeAudio, Podsafe Music Network

Pax / Geoffrey
fourteen and a half years ago

You have a fantastic show here, and I am really impressed with your work on it and I look forward to your blog here and your podcast!

Am recommending you to all my folks and (5 or so) of my regular readers!


\"witchery = witch*er*y/ n. 1 witchcraft. 2. power exercised by beauty or eloquence or the like. ~Oxford American Dictionary of Current English New American Edition (2000)\"