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Feb 15, 2009

In this episode we talk about seeking community, we meet a common friend of heavy metal album covers and anti-mason propagandists as we learn about Baphomet in the regular show segment A Corner in the Occult. We learn just what I mean when I refer to occultism and the occult. And I offer some friendly discourse by elaborating on Thelema, its Laws, and how I personally apply it in my life as we go beyond 93!

Segments: Seeking Community, A Corner in the Occult-Baphomet, What is Occultism? and Beyond 93!

Music: Proteus by composer George Wood, The Eternal by Lumiloop, Voices from the ether by ASCIAN, Piano Quartet in g 3rd Movement by Mozart performed by Linda Holzer, Spaces by 3vrn3n, Drum and Bass by Ted Tunes, Universe Inside You by Persian Paladin  

Links: Peter J. Carroll, Chick Publications: The Curse of Baphomet, Leonardo Da Vinci Notebooks Online, Dan Eldon, GeekWitch, Haunted New Jersey Podcast, PSIence by Marie D. Jones, The Pagan Podcast Index, Proud Pagan PodcastersTemplar, The Wigglian Way

Credits: GarageBand, PodsafeAudio, Podsafe Music Network

Jeff B.
almost thirteen years ago

Good show. I\'m still in the middle of listening, but the comments on community remind me of the problem which always crop up in any group. It\'s usually money, who leads the group, or internal backbiting that end it all in tears.
I go it alone. The only person to argue with me is myself (although that can be bad enough).
Looking forward to the section on Baphomet :-)