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Aug 31, 2009

In this episode, a discussion of the meaning of paganism and being Pagan with Amie Tolomeo co-owner of Sun and Moon a south Jersey Metaphysical Shoppe and co-coordinator of the South Jersey Pagan Pride Day. I respond to listener email and talk about paranormal investigation, how to spot poor investigative practices and recognize misinformed ghost hunter groups. We learn about Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism in A Corner of the Occult. We see who won the copy of Arthur Hinds’ album Poetry of Wonder. And we discuss the Principle of Vibration as we continue with our journey through The Kybalion.

Links: Asclepius, Corpus Hermeticum, Perchten Procession, Proud Pagan Podcasters, Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research, The Orthodox Druid Blog, Sun and Moon Metaphysical Shoppe, South Jersey Pagan Pride Day.

Promos: Get Witchified, Get out of the Broom Closet, A Pagan Heart in Maine, The College Witch, Pagan Centered Podcast.

Music: Alexandre Falcao, Arthur Hinds, Linda Holzer, David Parker, Persian Paladin, Ted Tunes, George Wood.

Credits: Podsafe Audio , Podsafe Music Network.

Jeremy Vaca
almost fourteen years ago

I was right. Here is some further information:

Jeremy Vaca
almost fourteen years ago

I believe the creature in the photo above is the antithesis of Saint Nicholas, named Krampus.