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Oct 27, 2019

Hello and thank you once again for joining us down at the crossroads for some music, magick, and Paganism. Where witches gather for the sabbath, offerings are made, pacts are signed for musical fame and we cross paths with today’s most influential Pagans, occultists, and deep thinkers. I am your bewitching, bald headed, host Chris Orapello and tonight Tara and I meet with Aaron Oberon to learn about his book Southern Cunning: Folkloric Witchcraft In The American South available from Moon Books. During the discussion we touch upon Christianity and witchcraft, social media, his thoughts on witchcraft, initiation by spirit, the necessity and limitations of initiation in general, and his ideas surrounding folkloric witchcraft. This was a fun conversation and like we say by then of it, if your spirits don’t have a sense of humor, then you need some new spirits.

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