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Feb 13, 2011

In this episode we dissect and learn about the contemporary pagan religion known of as Wicca. We speculate about some of its primary roots and influences and go into more depth than most books on subject ever seem to go. Find out what makes Wicca what it is and what makes a Wiccan a Wiccan in this break down of the religion of Wicca. We learn about Doreen Valiente in this episode's edition of A Corner in the Occult. The famed Mother of Modern Witchcraft played a crucial role in the existence and development of Wicca throughout the entirety of the twentieth century. Doreen was one of Gerald Gardner's early High Priestesses and later authored of several well respected texts on witchcraft and became the Patron of the Center for Pagan Studies in 1995. In the Essence of Magick we look into the idea, practice, and significance of ritual initiation and the role it plays in groups and in religions such as Wicca. We even discuss the idea behind the popular modern Wiccan practice of self-initiation and looking into the reality and practicality of such a ceremony. I also read some listener messages and to close we discuss advanced Wicca and ways in which one can enrich their religious experience.


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Lloyd Hargrove
ten and a half years ago

Yet another nicely done, high quality podcast production. Speaking for myself, I prefer such high quality over a more frequent but less than perfect experience.

Your perspective on Wicca in considering it's origins and directions was very helpful. I still get the impression, however, (whether correctly or not) that it is kind of a pop/fast food version of spiritualism angling for those who might (wisely in some cases) shy away from many of the "ancient and mystical" precepts common to "high magic", taking that particular term loosely enough to include the most serious fringes of all "revealed" mainstream religions as well as some odd ones.

As with any denomination of church, etc. the social encounters one makes with Wicca likely outweighs any actual spiritual ones, but again this is my own outsider's, unqualified view. As long as there's a "do no harm" clause somewhere any active path of intended enlightenment and general satisfaction is far better than a dead one or none at all.

"All paths are the same they lead nowhere" - Don Juan (via Carlos Castaneda)
(half right, actually all such paths will also lead you back to somewhere, is this not true?)

The discussion on initiations was particularly thought provoking. (Kind of like looking at candles in the mirror?) The direct approach at least has the advantage that any misperception is one's own as opposed to being a second-hand rose.

Keep up the good work. I'll keep listening.