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Oct 25, 2009

We take a personal stab at the concepts of good and evil. We have some fun with a capital W. We look into the Principle of Polarity in our journey through The Kybalion. I read listener email and announce a contest for this episode. I play a variety of show promos. As we address the controversial idea and existence of black magick from a traditional as well as from a philosophical perspective throughout the entirety of the show.

Links: Gordon Thomas Ward, Haunted New Jersey, Hometown TalesInciting A Riot, Loyd Auerbach, Original Haunted Cape May Tour, South Jersey Pagan Pride, Podcast Desktop Graphic, Paranormal Lectures in NYC

Manuscripts: The Grand Grimoire, The Grimoire Verum, The Grimoire of Honorius

Music: George Wood, Carlos Santana, Jon Schmidt, James Clarke, Guy David, Flatstreet, Alexandre Falcao, Linda Holzer, Ted Tunes, Ajero Mario, Persian Paladin

Promos: Celtic Myth Podshow, Geek Witch,Witchery of One, KHPR: The Voice of Darkness, Spiritscast

Credits: PodsafeAudio, Podsafe Music Network

almost fifteen years ago

Loved the show. Nicely produced and great information. Thank you for doing it.